Winter Solstice, Core Star, and Self-Love

Winter Solstice, time to self-source Love! orchid on snow

You might feel that the days can't get any shorter, but we still haven't yet reached the Winter Solstice – the shortest day of the year. After Solstice the days will start getting longer, beginning the march forward to Spring. Winter Solstice is the shortest period of daylight and the longest night of the year. In the Northern Hemisphere this is the December solstice and in the Southern Hemisphere this is the June solstice.

  I am doing two special Night Quads:   
  • for the Winter Solstice (12/21) to help anchor self-love and activate the Core star 
  • for the New Year (12/31) to help set the intention for the Year of the Dog

(Read below how to sign up for these special Night Quads.)

The meaning of Winter Solstice is the birth of the sun. The Druids used evergreen trees, holly and mistletoe, as symbols of everlasting life during their Winter Solstice rituals – this is the origin of the Christmas tree. Of course, cutting down trees and putting them in their homes would have been incomprehensible, and seen as too destructive to nature.

The birth of the sun is the metaphysical representation of the birth of Light from the Void. This is why so many spiritual traditions had Winter Solstice mark the birth of the savior of the people – Horus (Egyptian), Hu Gardarn (Druid), Mithras (Persian), Jesus (Christian) and many more.

We each have an inner sun – a Core Star – within us, and Winter Solstice is a representation of the “virgin birth” (from the Goddess of Oneness, the Void) of the beloved divine child, the “savior” (Core Star Light) – the part of us that is the essence of God Source within, which will lead us into enlightenment. Transformation from a physical being into a spiritual being is the path of ascension. Tuning into the Core Star now, while still here in the 3D material form, is a way of transcension – bridging the current state and the “final destination” while still having to go through the steps of awakening.

  To connect to the Core Star within, we must self-source Love.  

When we seek Love from the external world, we are in Separation – the Lower 3D perception.
We must stop seeking approval and acceptance from the outside world; we must relax and let ourselves believe the truth that the Universe loves us. When we relax into this Universal ocean of frequencies, we allow the Love energy to come in from the inside, and bubble up to the surface of our being from the deep source within.

Our negative thought patterns interfere with self-sourcing of Love. These thoughts become a dampening field of energy that slowly drowns the voice of God Source inside – so that after a while all we can hear is our own mental chatter. You might not even think of this mental chatter as “negative” – it might seem to be the “normal thoughts about the day,” about your to-do list, about your fears and worries, your stress about not forgetting something, or not doing something right, etc. But all of this noise is related to the horizontal plane of the Lower 3D – it is based on the Separation view of reality. We become what we focus on! If one focuses on the “normal thoughts about the day” all of the time, one BECOMES this reality – becomes one’s own fears, worries, to-do lists, and stress. This is how we become trapped in the Lower 3D! We take it seriously; we do not question the validity of this perception because everyone around us lives like this.

One of the ways to clean up this dampening Lower 3D interference pattern is to become a witness to your own thoughts.

  • Notice what are you repeatedly thinking.  What subconscious record is playing over and over in your mind? By doing this, we drag a subconscious karmic pattern to the surface of our awareness, which allows us to challenge it, to modify it.
  • Look beyond these repetitive thoughts – now that you recognize the voice of your subconscious karmic pattern, who else is speaking? You will notice that there is another voice – from your Higher Self. It was just hard to hear it under all the noise of the repetitive Lower Self chatter! This Universal loving energy is always with you, pouring from your Soul into your Higher Self, and into your personality’s daily awareness.

If you listen long enough, you will find deep inside you a Core Star sound – a resonance of the Love from God Source. It is a source of Love, Joy, Beauty, Creativity… It never stops flowing. And, it is inside of you. The only reason we don’t notice it all of the time, is because we are too busy paying attention to the karmic Lower Self mental loops!  These mental patterns generate emotions – which further generate reactions and addictions, keeping us stuck in the noise.
Its time to re-set!

  Join me for the two special Night Quads:  

  • for the Winter Solstice (12/21) to help anchor self-love and activate the Core Starto turn off the mental and emotional noise and resonate with the Core Star of your being;
  • for the New Year (12/31) to help set the intention for the Year of the Dog (more details of the 2018’s energies in my next blog!) – to keep you in the Higher 3D ascension timeline so that you can have an easier time being on this planet!

 To sign up, please pay for one or both Quads 

 on the right sidebar under PAY HERE click "Quads," 
 (in the shopping cart change the quantity to 2 if paying for both :) 

See you in the Quads!

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