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What does it mean to hold higher frequencies in your body? 
It means 3 things:
  •       That you are present to yourself and aware of your own internal experiences;
  •       That you are able to differentiate the voice of your Lower Self fears from the voice of your Higher Self wisdom;
  •       That you comprehend where you are going and what is happening!

Self-awareness requires meditation and other “Sitting in Silence” practices – if there is too much noise you won’t be able to find yourself! 
Recognizing your Higher Self requires self-investigation, study of your own behaviors, perhaps utilizing journaling or other techniques to learn more about yourself. 
Knowledge requires a direct connection with Universal Intelligence, and the study of all sorts of spiritual materials out there.

I’ve been working with people for over 25 years, helping you guys to wake up.
In all my years of working with people the biggest obstacle to spiritual development that I see is not enough self-love! Self-love is a base requirement for awakening, and for ascension into higher dimensions of reality.

Because of this I decided to offer you a 5 day Self-Love Challenge!

It is absolutely free and all of you can participate (takes 5 minutes per day only!) – and please do, I want you all to love yourselves more than you do right now!

Click HERE to SIGN UP for the Self-Love Challenge 

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 The 5 day Self-Love Challenge will start on February 26th.  

  • As a part of the course, you will get a daily email from me with a link to a video to help you (so please, upon signing up for the course, provide the email that you are able to check easily).
  • For 5 days in a row you will get instructions from me on how you can challenge yourself to love yourself that day!
  • These 5 days are set in a sequence to build an energy pattern in your system for handling more love energy – a form of reprogramming yourself. In these 5 days you can imprint a different, more loving, energy pattern into your system!
See you there!


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