Sleeping for Enlightenment registration + Language of Light - part 3

Below is the 3rd part of the story about the Language of Light - go for it!

Also, underneath the Language of Light video is the information about my interview with Thoth (via Danielle Rama Hoffman), when I resonate the Solar Council and galactic Kadishtu Guardians - check it out :)

Here is the Divine 2 Divine interview between Thoth (via Danielle Rama Hoffman) and the Solar Council (via me)!

 Accelerated Awakening through Stargates 
The TOPICS of the Interview:

  • Earth’s evolution and how higher consciousness that was dormant, including inner stargates, is now opening to support awakening.
  • Your key to shift out of sacrifice/not-enoughness is Individualized Oneness, developing your Self so that you can access the hologram of Oneness. There needs to be a Self in order to experience oneness, or Source consciousness.
  • The role of nonphysical beings, “earthlings”, humanoid blueprints, starseeds, stargates. How you may have had other lifetimes where you had a different template than the bi-pedal form such as the 5th dimensional felines.
  • Living multidimensionally is a shift from perceiving this and then that, to perceiving all in Oneness (and this path is called Transcension). Small or large is one thing.

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