Sleeping for Enlightenment registration + Language of Light - part 4

(if you haven't yet - what are you thinking?! :)

8-week LIVE e-course   |   3.19 – 5.14.18   |   $395

I only teach this course once per year, so this is your chance to upgrade your energy system for more self-love and self-worth blueprints, to share in the community of like-minded spiritual people (I always hear from you guys about how lonely or isolated you feel - well, here's your opportunity to be with others like you!), and to ask me questions.

 This registration is almost over - closes tomorrow, 3/10 at midnight EST - don't miss it! 

Maybe you are thinking you won’t have the time for the long 8 weeks of an online course?
  • Sleeping for Enlightenment is an experiential e-course – you need to be able to tune into yourself, sense how you are feeling etc. The instructions are simple to follow, you can follow me through the meditation steps as I guide you in the video – and it takes about 15 minutes of your time each week! – on Sunday you watch the video, on Wednesday you receive the energy flowing into your system (which you don’t need to do anything for other than “tune in”).
Perhaps you are thinking it will be too complicated?
  • Sleeping for Enlightenment is designed with the beginner in mind, and energy-layered for more advanced students – so you will have no problem understanding it!)
Maybe you're not internet-savvy and concerned this will be very difficult to figure out technically?
  • Sleeping for Enlightenment lives inside my Study Vault website which is made for online courses with the user in mind – super simple:
- click on the link in the email,
- arrive in the Study Vault on the page for the week,
- watch the video and follow along with the meditation,
- if you want, download a PDF file of the homework;
- enjoy the energy-program download each week.
That’s it!
We must learn to love ourselves properly in order to stay within the planetary ascension timeline, in the Higher 3D Earth, and to be fulfilled and supported during this time of change.

 Here is the part 4 of the Language of Light for you guys - enjoy :) 


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