Self-Love and Sleeping for Enlightenment


I hope that you gave the 5-DAY Self-Love Challenge a whirl – it takes only 5 minutes of your time per day to view each video, but the benefits of this Self-Love Challenge, when applied, are life-changing! If you missed it, check it out by clicking here.

Learning to Love yourself right is so important, especially in today’s planetary environment. When we project our Love need onto the external environment, we limit our Love capacity. We become dependent on the external world for Love and proof of our worth.

Learning to self-generate it, to self-source Love energy, is essential.

Sleeping for Enlightenment is a LIVE E-COURSE that I run every spring. 
This year it is going to be all about self-sourcing Love energy!

We must learn to love ourselves properly in order to stay within the planetary ascension timeline, in the Higher 3D Earth, and to be fulfilled and supported during this time of change.

  • Sleeping for Enlightenment is a series of energy-programs designed to upgrade your system to the Higher 3D Earth’s frequencies, to help you wake up and connect to your own Soul.

  • These energy-programs are delivered into your energy fields during the night time while you are sleeping (hence the name) – how convenient!

  • You don’t have to leave your home and travel anywhere – this is an e-course, i.e. you can access all the assignments from the comfort of your home any time on Sundays (during the course’s 8 weeks) when it is convenient for you. The recordings remain available during the course.

  • It goes for 2 months starting on March 19th, one energy-program per week.

  • Each week you get guidance as to what you need to focus on, and steps to clean up space inside you to make room for the new energies, prior to each download. You can do this at your own rhythm, as long as you read the homework once per week (which takes 15 minutes of your time). You will receive the energy download either way, but you will get more out of it if you do the homework!

The registration for Sleeping for Enlightenment:

will only be open for the short 6 days!

Monday, March 5th - Saturday, March 10th

So, if you want to join me, please sign up during these days. Last year most participants signed up in the first 48 hours! I only teach this course once per year, so this is your chance to get on board and upgrade your energy system for more self-love and self-worth blueprints.

Sleeping for Enlightenment live e-course
3/19/18 – 5/14/18

Check back on Monday the 5th - and sign up!
I will tell you guys a story about energy downloads over the registration week - so make sure you don't miss it :)

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