Sleeping for Enlightenment 2018

I am so excited to invite you to partake in a holographic compressed fractal field of consciousness, 
filled with 8 Light-coded energy transmissions, during the 8 weeks 

Each of these 8 energy-programs takes about 3 months to design and build, and you will receive one per week in a precise sequence to be layered into your Light Bodies and energy fields – all contained inside the holographic field. Some of you might know this holographic field effect as a “tunnel of energy” – a concentrated focusing environment to support your evolution into multidimensionality. It is designed to set parameters for your energy systems to remain in the Higher Self resonance and to enhance your energy-perception and integration of the Light-coded energy transmissions.

  This registration will be open ONLY for 6 short days:  

  today 3/5 until 3/10 midnight EST - don't miss it!  

We must learn to love ourselves properly in order to stay within the planetary ascension timeline, in the Higher 3D Earth, and to be fulfilled and supported during this time of change. The Sleeping for Enlightenment 2018 focus is about self-sourcing love and calibrating yourself to the Universal Love Resonance, while simultaneously cleaning up what is in the way (negative beliefs, karmic patterns, projected power, fears, etc.)

  • Living inside a holographic field of higher consciousness for 8 weeks;
  • 8 Light-coded energy transmissions over 8 weeks;
  • These energy-programs are delivered into your energy fields during the night time while you are sleeping once per week;
  • You don’t have to leave your home and travel anywhere – this is an e-course, you can access all the assignments from the comfort of your home when it is convenient for you each week;
  • Each week you receive: homework (video meditation + PDF), an energy transmission, and an  “extra help” section where you can ask me questions and get answers, and a Facebook support group for sharing your experience and connecting with others who are taking this e-course with you.
The minimum time requirement is 15 minutes per WEEK only! You will receive the energy download either way, but you will get more out of it if you do the homework, which can take as much or little time as you wish. The homework each week is guidance as to what you need to focus on, and steps to clean up space inside you to make room for the new energies, prior to each download.

Ready to open the door to your Soul Light and take the next evolutionary step 
on the Ascension Stairway into the higher dimensions of yourself?

  8-week LIVE e-course  |  3/19/18 – 5/14/18  |  $395  

(this year online payments only - please use your credit or debit card)

 During the next five days I will tell you a story about the Language of Light and how it is assembled into the Light Codes.
Visit this website tomorrow to WATCH the first part of the story!  

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