Simple Steps to Stop Overwhelm

Overload means we have taken on too many things to do and/or experience. This quickly leads to an emotional reaction.
The usual progressions is: take on too many things, freak out about them emotionally, and ADD this energy to the stuff we have to do already!


There are two reasons for overwhelm:
  1. an OVERLOAD (factual/situational)
  2. a REACTION based on our perceptional filters (emotional)
Clean up your “should” to RELIEVE PRESSURE – this removes emotional charge.

The Secret to Developing Good Habits

Have you ever tried to change a bad habit into a good one, only to feel overpowered by the habitual negative emotions? How about using your will power (if you have it!) to change it? - did that work?

Consciousness takes EFFORT!
Will is not the answer.
We must find out what EMOTION is driving the negative behavior.


How to Stop Putting Yourself Last!

We are taught its noble to put ourselves last – but it is actually detrimental to our spiritual process!
Sounds familiar?...
  • I’m just being polite
  • It’s selfish to go first
  • I’m a nice person, I’m not pushy
  • They need it more than me
  • I don’t deserve to go first
  • I am fine, I don’t need anything
We become karmically trapped with negative people when we put ourselves last:
  • We enable other people’s Lower Selves!
  • We end up taking responsibility for the other person
  • By squishing on our needs we take the power away from our own creative charge!
Find out how acknowledging your needs help you put yourself first.


WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO OUR NEEDS (and needs are always indicators of karma) – the more we know, the more we can change it!

Spiritual connection is available to everyone right now. All that is necessary is being in INTEGRITY with yourself and in a CO-CREATIVE RELATIONSHIP with the Universe.

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Starseeds - How to Stop Feeling Lonely

As Starseeds (Souls from the stars) and Forerunners (conscious Earthlings) we often feel very different from the majority of people around us. Being different in energy often translates into feeling very lonely.

  • Different SENSITIVITY leads to not fitting in
  • Expanded perception of reality leads to looking for MEANING, while most people are not interested
  • Larger view on life leads to BOREDOM around unconscious people
  • Looking for proof of our enoughness in other people only leads to isolation
  • We serve as catalysts for awakening which can lead to negative reactions from people defending their Lower Selves!

When we are connected to the Universal Oneness, we are all One. This is a cure for loneliness:
  1. connection to ONENESS as an INDIVIDUAL
  2. connect to people in YOUR energy range
  3. relate to our PURPOSE