How to Stop Putting Yourself Last!

We are taught its noble to put ourselves last – but it is actually detrimental to our spiritual process!
Sounds familiar?...
  • I’m just being polite
  • It’s selfish to go first
  • I’m a nice person, I’m not pushy
  • They need it more than me
  • I don’t deserve to go first
  • I am fine, I don’t need anything
We become karmically trapped with negative people when we put ourselves last:
  • We enable other people’s Lower Selves!
  • We end up taking responsibility for the other person
  • By squishing on our needs we take the power away from our own creative charge!
Find out how acknowledging your needs help you put yourself first.


WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO OUR NEEDS (and needs are always indicators of karma) – the more we know, the more we can change it!

Spiritual connection is available to everyone right now. All that is necessary is being in INTEGRITY with yourself and in a CO-CREATIVE RELATIONSHIP with the Universe.

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