Starseeds - How to Stop Feeling Lonely

As Starseeds (Souls from the stars) and Forerunners (conscious Earthlings) we often feel very different from the majority of people around us. Being different in energy often translates into feeling very lonely.

  • Different SENSITIVITY leads to not fitting in
  • Expanded perception of reality leads to looking for MEANING, while most people are not interested
  • Larger view on life leads to BOREDOM around unconscious people
  • Looking for proof of our enoughness in other people only leads to isolation
  • We serve as catalysts for awakening which can lead to negative reactions from people defending their Lower Selves!

When we are connected to the Universal Oneness, we are all One. This is a cure for loneliness:
  1. connection to ONENESS as an INDIVIDUAL
  2. connect to people in YOUR energy range
  3. relate to our PURPOSE


  1. Right on time, Eugenia. Thank you! I'm curious how does one discern if they're an earthly forerunner or a starseed? Or a combination of both?

    1. you can't be a combination - you are either starseed or an earthling. forerunner is a spiritually advanced earthling. starseeds are more sensitive and are not from Earth (one pretty much knows if they feel like an alien all their life or not :)

    2. Thank you Eugenia! Very clarifying. Definitely have felt like an alien all my life. Especially around my bio family, and pretty much every community until I found my star seed weirdos ;). Your videos are anchors how to navigate in 3D. Thank you.

  2. A wonderful video - thank you so much :) And the interesting thing is that I just had a dream about pterodactyls and I was wondering what that was all about :)

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