How to Deal with Toxic People - in 3 steps!

It is never about the toxic people. It is always about the LESSON we are teaching ourselves!

Until you figure out what is the LESSON that you are trying to teach yourself, you are in an emotional REACTION (i.e. NOT free to choose!!!)

The “action of cutting” someone off that is based on the emotional reaction of “not liking” that person will only cause the lesson to return to us again and again.

To KNOW what to do in a situation where there are toxic people involved, you must look at these three things:
  1. You have to figure out WHY these toxic people are in your life
  2. You have to MAKE DECISIONS about these people
  3. We have to BE RESPONSIBLE about how you enact your decisions

How to receive Cosmic Support every day!

Staying conscious every day is hard, especially when you become sidetracked by the fearful agendas of your Lower Self.
Believing that you are worthy of the Universal help and capable stepping into your power, and awakening your inner abilities - while handling your sensitivity! -  this is even harder. 
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