Solar Council #3 - what to do to receive broadcasts

I am continuing the free video-series about the Solar Council.

I posted in my free Facebook groupmini-video about one other important thing that the Solar Council is involved with – 
it maintains the purity of the Archetypal Superpower blueprints for all the planets. 
Everywhere in the Universe, every planet that supports intelligent life is a Simulation that is equipped with the Archetypal Superpower blueprints. 

The 3rd video in the Solar Council series is about the Syntropic and Entropic systems, and what you can do to receive the Solar Council’s broadcasts.

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If you missed the previous 2 videos, here they are:
          1st VIDEO - who is involved in the council affairs, who is on the council, and also with whom we share this planet: CLICK HERE for the 1st video.

          2nd VIDEO - what the Solar Council meeting place looks like, and with whom we share this Solar System: CLICK HERE for the 2nd video.

           I also posted in my free Facebook group a mini-video about the Hollow Earth idea – and how it’s a mis-translation of the concept of dimensions of reality. 

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