How to express yourself authentically so that you don't make karma!

The authentic REAL you is in alignment with the Soul
authentic self-expression comes from the HIGHER SELF, not the Lower Self
Expression from the Lower Self DIRECTLY will only earn you karma!
Lower Self direct expression is a TANTRUM 
(giving yourself permission to be a child and throw a tantrum publicly!)
We get addicted to "being right" and learn nothing - which only make the negative event repeat itself over and over - until we take responsibility for its creation and let the righteousness go.

Authentic self-expression is a REPORT to the world about your inner experience!
  1. contain what you are feeling;
  2. take responsibility for your inner experience;
  3. name it to the world from the Higher Self / inner adult perspective (REPORT)

Trigger is a tool - showing us the areas we need to work on.
Trigger is NEVER responsible for OUR inner experience! 
We are the creators of our experiences

When we are hurt, we have to have enough awareness of this inner experience, but also have enough of the grownup part of us to take care of us /inner child that is hurt!
Then report it to the outside world.


Linear Time gone wonky!

In 3D our perceptional lenses are calibrated for the Linear Time view. But in higher dimensions there are other options. The Higher 3D ascension timeline has activated an ability to perceive Linear and Spherical time at the same time while being here, in a body. Spherical time is the simultaneous time!
  • 3D = linear time = time unfolding with past/present/future in a LINE. 
  • Outside of 3D = spherical time=time unfolding in SPIRALS.. 
  • The sphere in ‘spherical’ is the Universal Container (13D/14D/15D)
  • The unfolding creation/time spirals ‘inhabit’ the Space volumized by Gravity-fed-by-the-Void. 
  • Space implies LOCATION, which implies DIFFERENTIATION, which implies “not all at once” - but as a part of the Universal Syntropic System (giant tube torus) - thus the Time Spirals are the COMPRESSED HOLOGRAPHIC FRACTALS of the Universal Syntropic toroidal field. 
  • The “all at once” exists within the Space through the magnetic principle, while the Sphere is the boundary of the expanded perceptional range.
  • The Point is the FOCUS of consciousness, and the Sphere is an EXPANDED CONSCIOUS FOCUS that is “occupying Space”.
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Shambala Soul Pulse

Shambala is sending an amazing Soul Uniqueness Pulse into the center of the planet, which is reverberating as sound-waves to all of us. Listen to the pulse!

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