Why Inner Neutral Observer is essential to spiritual awakening

Staying conscious every day is hard, especially when you become sidetracked by the fearful agendas of your Lower Self.

Believing that you are worthy of the Universal help and capable stepping into your power, and awakening your inner abilities - while handling your sensitivity! -  this is even harder.

Want more support? I have an opportunity for you!
This month inside the Transcension Gate Membership we are looking into mastering the Inner Observer part of us, to step out of emotional reactions into a balanced Self - with the help of multidimensional Oaum Kadishtu Guardians!

When Souls come into density, they feel the pressure of duality and become stuck in it.
Inner Observer is a skill that can be developed while we are here in the 3D (the boot-camp for an extreme duality!)
Being able to be neutral is an asset for your spiritual journey.

The Soul lives beyond duality, in Oneness of all life.
Without inner Observer we are stuck in a dualistic perception of right/wrong and good/bad, limited to a dualistic self-understanding range, essentially blocking the Soul off!

Ascension out of density is all about THE THIRD POINT – the neutral.

Some of you might not know that I now have an ONGOING MEMBERSHIP where I spend most of my time with the ones of you, who are COMMITTED to doing the work for yourselves and the planet.   

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