How do I step into my power?

How do I step into my power? How do I let my limiting beliefs go? 
We become empowered when we face the past trauma – and that requires knowledge of yourself. Knowledge of Self is gained through loving internal investigation (not analyzing but deepening in). 

The more we know about our inner world, the easier it becomes to trace the origins of any belief. These origins almost always thread from other lives, but there are also many circumstances of the current life that have activated these past karmic issues in our cellular memory. 

The key here is PERCEPTION (filter on reality). These unresolved karmic issues were originally created by our misunderstandings of a lesson due to a limited perception at that time. But now we are different beings than we were back then, thus our perceptional range is also different. This means that examining circumstances that led to a particular belief in the past, will now with this new expanded perspective, lead to a different conclusion, which in turn affects the thoughts and emotions, and the cellular body in a different way. 

💛💛You can do this!💛💛
Every one of us is designed with ability to transcend limiting beliefs!

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