How to find the real cause my emotional reaction?

How to find the real cause my emotional reaction? 

Most of our emotional reactions are based on the pre-programmed “incorrect conclusions” of the Lower Self (inner child). 

You can trace the emotional reaction to an issue that you can then further delineate back to a particular episode in life that cemented that conclusion into your body. 

For example, someone who is experiencing intense feelings of unworthiness and insignificance in a current moment due to a particular trigger might be able to trace it back to the time of his parents’ divorce and the pain experienced during it. 

The incorrect conclusion was “If I was good enough, then mommy/daddy would not have left us!” The child took this experience as his fault. If this was not noticed by the adults around him, he grew stronger in his conviction until it became a full belief. 

From that point on this child would keep attracting to himself triggers for his insignificance because his Soul would want him to learn, to clean up this misconception. By simply looking back at the event itself (in this case, a traumatic divorce) through the eyes of the adult, and consciously linking these two experiences (feeling not-good-enough and parents’ divorce), this person can release the pain or guilt, that generated the belief in the first place. Information can be very useful in these situations – knowing about the real reasons for the divorce of his parents, which might have been hidden from the child, can help a lot. 

But the main point is to HEAL the pain that CAUSES the emotional trigger by LEARNING the lesson! 

What’s your recent emotional trigger and when you trace it back, what lesson did it lead you to? 

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