I can teach you how to create an ABUNDANT life of INSPIRED CLARITY and CONSCIOUS PURPOSE
to become a builder of a harmonious world 

I was born awake. Normally when a Soul enters the body, the access to everything outside of that incarnation is turned off. Mine never did – by design. This lifetime I have a “mission” to facilitate the planetary ascension timeline and all sorts of energy grids to hold it in place, in addition to helping human beings stay in that conscious timeline.

Being born awake means that I remember being inside the woman who played the role of my mother this lifetime, remember my own birthing and everything that came afterward. Being clairvoyant, I never felt alone – I remained in conscious telepathic contact with the Guardian Kadishtu and the Solar Council, and I played with my energy guides and non-physical beings.

I was born in Russia and from my early years have been practicing consciousness expansion healing work (which in Russia is called wholeness-making) with people and animals. I have never felt that I was a child – having access to the Universal Intelligence made me feel ancient even in pre-school!

With a perceptual awareness of non-physical beings (from multidimensional Guardian Kadishtu to “regular” astral entities of 3D) and a memory of where I came from prior to birth, my relationship with the “other side of life” (in terms of materiality) has not been broken. I have continued to work with the Solar Council throughout my life. Among other things, I tune into the planetary changes, helping people and the planet to pass through them as harmoniously as possible.

My work is divided into three areas:
  • support the awakening of people through individual sessions, e-courses, and books;
  • help the planet harmoniously install new information (to minimize the damage in the material sphere);
  • develop new ways of expanding consciousness, enriching the knowledge of this planet, people and the Solar Council.

I came to the United States from Russia, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, and learned English, worked many jobs, and after the completion of academic training, I continued the healing/teaching/creative work that I had begun in Russia. I studied various sciences, history, archeology, and astronomy in the United States and Russia, I have a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts, and I am an autodidact in anatomy and biology, nuclear physics, archeology, ancient history and mythology, metaphysics and Theosophy.

I now live in Maine and have a company called PRAVDA, INC. (which means "truth" in Russian) and I teach what I know. In my counseling/energy-healing practice I work on all levels of the energy field, anchoring the modifications in the subatomic and cellular levels. From many years of practice I have learned to do energy surgery (just like a surgeon, only on the etheric body, not the physical), which is the reconstruction of patterns that are torn or broken. I am able to read timelines and other lifetimes and assist in releasing or integrating judged experiences and old karma. I teach how to assess problem areas in the energy field and move blocks out of it.

I found that the most efficient way to do my work is through the telephone and via Email, which allows me to have clients throughout the US and the world. Because everything is made of energy, it is not necessary for a client to be physically next to me. It is a matter of tuning in and building a bridge between myself and you.

True Personal Mastery (ascension/enlightenment) comes from the Emotional and Mind Mastery first, coupled with self-responsibility and the expansion of consciousness to incorporate the Soul. And the work that is required for that expansion is well worth the effort!

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