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Eugenia Oganova on BiteRadioMe - 1 hour interview
  • What is the main mission for every Soul on Earth?
  • What are the Spirals of Consciousness and why do we fall asleep and wake up?
  • What is the significance of "building the Self"?
  • Where does dis-ease originate and how to "cure" it by resolving its true cause?
  • Does "genetic predisposition" for a particular dis-ease relate to karmic lessons as well?
  • Our experiences as triggers for awakening;
  • What is the difference between a healthy boundary and a defense/protection?
  • What is the energy pattern of "worry" and how to clear it?
  • Why is personal effort required for conscious awakening?
  • What is the difference between positive control and negative control over life?

Eugenia Oganova on CoachCafeRadio - 1 hour interview
  • Why don't we remember our past lives?
  • What is karma and how self-punishment got connected to it?
  • What are the mechanics of Creation and why its "never too late" to start your spiritual journey?
  • What is the "theme of a lifetime" and how to deal with repetitive issues?
  • How to differentiate between reactions to life vs. true messages of the Spirit?
  • How to properly deal with fear, anger and judgment?
  • Can we change negative habits?
  • Human energy field anatomy 101 :)
  • What happens with the energy bodies when we die?
  • Why some people are ready for conscious awakening and some are not?
  • What is the Solar Council and what it does for the planet Earth and the human beings?

Happy Internal Marriage (electric and magnetic energies) - 15 min.

The Energy Guides - 8 min.

The Energy of Money - 7 min.

Your Boundaries - 6 min.

How to feel significant - 3 min.

How to become confident - 7 min.

Resisting Soul lessons - 4 min.

Victim Mode - 5 min.

Pride (with Isabelle Lambert) - 4 min.


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