"MISSION ALPHA - The Wise and Passionate You" is a manual for your energy system. This is the manual you wish you had when you were born! Every event, external and internal, has a meaning - and I teach you how to find that meaning. Disease does not strike us randomly, it is a consequence of a prolonged energy imbalance. I show you how to recognize these faulty energy configurations and clean them up before the illness develops, and how, by changing your intention, heal the disease if it is already here. The courage, power, fulfillment and even happiness are energy states and I teach you how you can experience these despite negative external circumstances. Once you begin to feel more powerful and confident, the external environment will change to align with your new Self. 

"AWAKENING THE HARMONY WITHIN - How to Create with Spirit" is a comprehensive and practical explanation of how to take charge of your Personal Reality and create with Spirit. At some point in time, every person arrives at an understanding that material life is not all that there is. Questions like “what is my purpose, why am I here?” begin to surface. If you are one of these people, then this book is for you. 

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"THE SECRET OF SEKHMET - Why Akhenaton Challenged the Gods of Egypt" is about Maat (Truth), Zep Tepi (The First Time of our history) and Sekhmet (a multidimensional person who taught wisdom to the people of ancient Egypt), and about the time of Akhenaten and Nefertiti (during this time Egypt let go of many gods for the sake of one god - Aten the Light).  

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