What can Eugenia help me with?

I can clarify your life's PURPOSE, identify KARMIC patterns that you need to focus working on this lifetime, explain the spiritual CAUSES of the events in your life and of your medical/health conditions, provide specific advice and INSTRUCTIONS on what you can do to improve your emotional, mental, spiritual, financial, and health situations.

I will also work inside your energy field, providing healing adjustments to facilitate spiritual awakening and conscious comprehension of your journey, and physical, emotional, mental and karmic resolutions.

How to schedule a private session with Eugenia?

  Please pay (or inquire about availability by filling out the form on the right sidebar of this website). Once your payment is received, you will be added onto a Wait List and Eugenia will email you to schedule your appointment when a spot becomes available.

How long is a private session?

LIFE DIRECTION mentoring: 90 min. on the phone.
ENERGY HEALING session: 30 min. on the phone for mentoring + 60 min. off the phone for the energy-healing work.
NIGHT QUAD: 8 hours of continuous energy transmission Tuesday to Wed. overnight.

What is your Cancellation Policy?

In the event that you need to change a scheduled session, please contact me by email (or telephone if you have to). Appointments missed, canceled or rescheduled with less than 48 hours’ notice will be billed for the full scheduled service fee.

What are your fees?
Life Direction mentoring session: $350
Healing Session: $200
Night quad: $37
Mini: $100 (not available to new clients
Book + shipping: $30 (each book is this price)

Where do I pay you by Credit Card?

"PLEASE PAY HERE" on the right sidebar.

The payment will show up as TRANSCENSION GATE
(please make a note of it!)

Can I pay by a Check?

Make check out to: PRAVDA, Inc.       
Mail it to: 222 Natanis Ridge Circle, Wells, ME 04090