The Night-Quad is an energy environment, lasting one night, designed to support your life. It is an energy structure for safety and stability (energetically it is encoded through the number four), which clears many unbalanced frequencies in your system and synchronizes you with the planet. When we are out of sync with the planet, we get sick, depressed, terrified, confused, lonely, angry, resentful, lost, and we hurt – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Night-Quad is a tool to help you stay synchronized to the planet, allowing all other healing methods (from medical treatments to meditations, intentions and positive affirmations) to work without negative interference.

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So many changes are occurring on our planet today that reflect even bigger changes in the Universe. Our personal energy matrices have to match the planetary and universal changes in order for us to receive the greatest evolutionary benefit from them. Imagine you are a small component of a large mechanism, which is also a component of an even greater mechanism and so on. The largest universal "mechanism" (community) is preparing to awaken, to complete itself into the next phase of consciousness. This triggers all of the other components to adjust again and again to accommodate this process. We are constantly bombarded by the new configurations and patterns, generating new adjustments that our energy field has to make in order to function smoothly (similar to the upgrades you have to frequently download for computer programs).

Lately our feelings and emotions are reacting not only to an accelerated rate of personal processing extreme, thus speeding up clearing of internal issues, but also to the planetary and even larger changes. Have you noticed how you might have a day when your emotions or physical body are completely freaked out with intensity or pain, even though in your personal life nothing happened to bring this on? The negative state of emotions interferes with physical healing, making it difficult to regenerate the body. As you know, if body regenerates well, we stay healthy and young, so it is essential to our well being. The environment of the Night-Quad amplifies your own internal healing abilities by recharging the water inside your body. Our bodies are mostly made of water, so cleansing and recharging it helps healing of any physical difficulties you might have, including easing physical pain.

You need to have the best possible energy environment for your life. When your own system is clogged with the energies of other people, it slows down. This can lead to anything from physical problems to depression, overwhelm and over-attachment to others. The Night-Quad flushes your field with a combination of energies designed to clear your astral level from other people’s stuff (junk, worry, fears, attachments, negative desires and influences). The only energy that belongs in your astral level is your own.

Karma (the un-integrated experiences) is personal, but also genetic, cultural, planetary and even more complex. Multitudes of personal karmic patterns are being triggered by the changes in the planetary karma, which can make our everyday life very unstable. To make sure that you receive the support you need during this time in planetary history, I have added the emerald light frequency into the Night-Quad. It strengthens your boundary and fills your field with energy of kindness, supporting karmic clearing.

During the Night-Quad you will receive a download of energy. It is an upgrade to your current frequency, a precisely modified energy configuration to align you with the latest changes on the planet and in your own energy field, so they match. This makes day to day life much easier. It does not mean that all of the problems disappear, but at least you will be working with your personal issues in balance with the planet, instead of trying to find your anchor during a planetary adjustment in addition to your personal challenges (which can be an overwhelming and stressful experience).
When you e-mail me to sign up for the Night-Quad, choose a particular day. The Night-Quads are available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday every week. You can choose to sign up for it monthly, every two weeks, weekly, or whenever you feel you need it. Since the Night-Quad’s energy aligns you with what is currently happening on the planet, each day’s Quad is different. I set up the energy for the Night-Quad during the day you chose. During the night of that day you will receive the work (i.e. if you sign up for a Tuesday Night-Quad, you will receive the energy flow during your sleep from Tuesday night to Wednesday morning, approximately 11:30pm-7am). When you lay down in bed and relax, the energy will begin to flow. You can choose to stay awake for a while, tuning into it, or go right to sleep. Enjoy!

Night-Quad is not a personal session; just want to be clear about that. During our personal session, we WORK with many issues you are dealing with, I help you reprogram and modify belief systems, thought patterns and clear feelings. In the session we can address directly any personal issues you are working with. In the Night-Quad you receive an energy download.

To sign up for a Night Quad please fill the request form 
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