I can clarify your life’s PURPOSE, identify KARMIC patterns that you need to focus working on this lifetime, explain the spiritual CAUSES of the events in your life, provide specific advice and INSTRUCTIONS on what you can do to improve your emotional, mental, spiritual, financial, and health situations. 

This type of session can be taken many times – each deepening into a particular issue or area of your life.

  • "The Life Direction session blew me away from all directions. I better understand how to overcome my challenges with constructive, concrete feedback, delivered with love. I have tools that enable me to parent the “inner child” in ways she will hear and respond. I saw myself through the lens of my soul (whoa, beautiful!) We discussed concrete, 3D steps to manifest my souls purpose in a way that supports my soul and 3D self in ways that I had not thought of. Woot! I have a plan! A plan that is actionable in 3D, aligned with my higher gifts, contributes to my service in the gate program and will support me in all ways. There was so much information, I will be going over it several times to be sure I don't miss anything. If you haven’t done the Life Direction session it!" - Teresa W.
  • "Just had an amazing Life Direction session with Eugenia! Experienced myself in 3D, 5D and 7D… Met a cetacean guide in 5D... Able to drop doubt, trust/believe all is possible and realize that as long as I am walking my path toward consciousness, it’s all perfect. The blessings shared give possibility to conscious connection along that path. So appreciate Eugenia’s ability to give words to what I do so naturally that I don’t have words for. So grateful for insight and clarity! My mental mind is slow to process but the images/wisdom came in flashes when my brain got out of the way! I swear, Eugenia is the goddess of patience!!" - Betsy B.

Relax while I work on your energy system and your physical body. I correct the imbalances I see, consult with your energy guides, help clear your system from the emotional, astral, and mental baggage, anchoring the modifications in the etheric field, in subatomic and cellular levels. 

This type of session can be taken many times – each deepening into a particular issue or area of your life.

  • "Eugenia's ability to "read" energy is a gift that helps her clients understand their core issues on a more profound, metaphysical level. I treasure the work that we have done together and she is invaluable to me." – Ashton R.
  • "Eugenia was recommended to me following a serious health issue I had. Not only did she help me resolve my health crisis, she opened my eyes and mind to so much more. I continue to work with Eugenia as her innate ability to introduce high-level concepts in a clear and concise manner keeps me engaged."–Kristy G.
  • "Ever since I began working with Eugenia 13 years ago, I have found myself growing in many different directions. She has not only helped me see the underpinnings of stressful and difficult situations, but has helped me academically, socially, as well as given me great advice for taking care of my physical body. Under her guidance I have developed a higher consciousness and sensitivity to daily situations and have corrected some of my former self-sabotaging behavior patterns. I highly recommend Eugenia to anyone that is seeking to grow into a better version of themselves."  – Polina M.
  • "Eugenia is absolutely amazing! She has an ability to communicate complex information extremely well, and personalize so it’s practical. Encourages client - does not dictate. Highly recommend." - Betsy M.

A night-time download into your energy field while your Ego-personality is “out of the way”. It is like being submerged in a healing resonance for a night!

  • UPGRADES your current FREQUENCY, a precisely modified energy configuration to align you with the latest changes on the planet and in your own energy field;
  • CLEARS unbalanced frequencies in your system and SYNCHRONIZES you with the PLANET;
  • AMPLIFIES your own internal HEALING ABILITIES by recharging the water inside your body, and activating the DNA Light codes;
  • Flushes your field with a combination of energies designed to CLEAR your astral level from other people’s junk, worry, fears, attachments, negative desires, and influences;
  • STRENGTHENS your BOUNDARY and fills your field with the energy of KINDNESS, supporting karmic clearing.

This type of download can be taken every week – you can add your own intention to it every time.
I run these EVERY TUESDAY - don't wait, SIGN UP!

  • "I woke this morning feeling amazing! Rested, open, safe, loved and excited about life. I am riding the wave of positive emotions from the download and intend for this to be a nice week". – Sheila D.
  • "The download last night was great! Thank you Eugenia! I realized the state of relaxation I was in being in my VT, that I could drift off to sleep. I decided this week instead of trying so hard to feel the energy, that I would just BE with the energy. WOW! The energy had this peaceful green with sheets of pink that seemed to dance with the vibration of the BOOM. This was incredible!" – Heidi T.
  • "What a download!.. I was experiencing a new kind of energetic flow, I felt like I was literally floating, yet simultaneously vertical and somewhat grounded. I was very aware, clam and strongly in my inner observer. I felt suspended in the higher 3D. I was allowing everyone to be exactly as they were and didn’t even want them to be any different. I was experiencing their rawness, yet they didn’t annoy me. I was moving slow and deliberate, all the while suspended in this floating higher frequency. What a curious day in the panoply of post download. It’s so fun to experience the effects of the downloads, out in the world, in contrast to being in my familiar cave experience". – Robert B.
  • "Last night download so much was happening, I could feel changes to my solar plexus, gut, and upper chest area. By my intention to 'see, sense, feel and perceive' my own internal systems, I am now inhabiting more of my lower chakras, which means I am sensing a lot more energy. This morning I feel very peaceful and more alive and more willing to unfreeze stuck parts of my etheric body". – Bobbie W.