If we do not form a unique Self, then Life can't support our existence. Instead karma takes over, making us into a "suffering self." Each human being is unique and has the RIGHT to exist. We have to decide if we WANT to exist, and how. 
I help with figuring out your life's purpose.

How does the phone session work?

You call me at the scheduled time. You need to have pen and paper to take notes - I find this to be very useful because by writing it down you anchor the information better. You can also record the session if you wish (I do not do it on my end). Have a list of concerns ready. We will start talking about these issues first. Your energy field opens up as you talk, revealing to me all sorts of patterns and misalignments. I will start mentioning what I see as we talk, and we will go where that takes us. I work on your energy system and your physical body the whole time we are talking, often consulting you energy guides, your Soul and your Contract (the plan your Soul had designed for this lifetime). Usually we do not need to stay on the phone the entire session, there will be a portion of time when you are served better by going deeper. We will hang up the phone, as you relax and tune in, and I work. And I tell you when to call me few minutes before the end of our session - so I can give you the "homework" for you to practice at home.

To inquire about a Phone Session please use the request form on the top right sidebar of this blog.

How does the e-Session work?

1- You send me an e-mail with the "story of your life", a text of up to 2 pages about you, what is bothering you, physically, mentally and emotionally, what problems you seem to be having in your family life or work, or relationships, what do you find is lacking in your life, what do you want to receive help with? (attach a photo please);

2- I will read through the e-mail and work on your energy system. Sometimes I e-mail few questions if I need some clarification. I work on all levels of the energy field, clearing your system from the conceptual baggage all the way down through the astral, mental and emotional levels, anchoring the modifications in the etheric field, and subatomic and cellular levels. I also reconstruct the energy patterns which were torn or broken, weaving your energy to match a correct for your health template. I am able to read timelines (future options) and other lifetimes (past and parallel) and assist in releasing or integrating any judged experiences you might have had, and old karmic overlays. I am not a "technician" that will "fix" your system for you, I do not believe that approach is correct. It is meant to be a co-creation. You notice that something is not working in your life, I use my expertise in helping you change the internal environment. The notion of "fixing" takes the power away from you, and I am interested in amplifying your power, in creating harmony with you.

3- When I am done, I will e-mail you with explanations, answers and comments. I also usually will give you a "homework", something you can do to change your behavior or condition, and to anchor the work I have done. I teach how to assess problem areas in your own energy field and how to move blocks out of it, give you tools for continuing the work that I initiated in your system.

I also do e-mini-sessions. These are the "tune ups" that you can request if you need some question answered or to help you clean your system, or anchor during a challenging experience. For a mini you need to write me a short paragraph about the issue/question, and I will write you back and do some energy work in addition to it. My e-mini appointments are not available to new clients, only to the people I already work with (mini is meant to be a tune up, not a "cheaper session").

To inquire about an e-Session please use the request form on the top right sidebar of this blog.

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