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If you are anything like me, you enjoy searching for new information related to awakening. Being in an altered energy environment is extremely important, it can be a great vehicle for growth. This is why I, and my business partner Isabelle Lambert, have recorded the material we think will be beneficial on your path. 

All our recorded workshops are energy-coded environments. When you are listening to us talk, you receive not only the words, but the energy charges - think of it as a "point of reference" for a different state of being. We guide you through the process of realization where your blocks are, give you lots of information, and also offer energy "pauses" - meditation time on the recording when you can tune in deeper and experience, guided by our voices, the states of balance we are teaching you. This is the time you download into your field the energy encoded onto the workshop recording. There is about 7 hours of "energy information" inside an hour and a half recoded workshop, so you can listen to it again and again to keep downloading into your energy field new templates, patterns and overlays.

I strongly suggest that once you purchase a recorded workshop, you listen to it many times, pausing during the meditation times in the recording, to allow yourself more time to tune in and comprehend your own experience. These workshops are meant as a teaching tool. You can simply listen to the information on the mental level, or you can choose to go deeper into experiencing the energy more consciously, journaling about your personal reflections. I have heard from many of my clients that at first they find the energy very strong and just listen to the words, and sometimes fall asleep as their body attempts to adjust to the new patterns. But if they listen again and again, they get more and more out of it, comprehend more and more of the information on many different levels.

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Fearlessness is electromagnetic super-conductivity 

in a body that has no resistance to the flow of life.

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