Transcension Teachings about the personal awakening process, energy self-healing, and consciousness expansion

Guidelines for neuro-psychological consciousness shift

  1. Practice Love 
  2. Investigate your beliefs, emotions, thoughts, behavioral patterns, fears, judgments – study yourself, and build a conceptual framework of knowledge to help your Ego handle difficulties of transformation.
  3. Take responsibility for what is yours. Being free means being self-masterful – in clear mind and with an open heart, in positive control, in alignment with the Higher Self.
  4. Let go of what is not yours – learn to be an Observer who uplifts and doesn’t judge.
  5. Educate yourself to give your Ego Clarity and to alleviate fears of the unknown.
  6. Apply self-discipline and consistency in study, practice, and meditations – sustained effort is required for the change to take place.
  7. Sit in the Great Silence daily – clear your mind and be expanded. Deep personal inquiry and access to higher states of consciousness are only possible by building this intimate relationship with one’s Soul.
  8. Follow your inner guidance – relinquish fears of being judged by others.

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