Spiritual Tours are related to the Planetary Energies
Before I go into any detail, I must explain
some of the terms I'll be using:

Solar Council is a group of enlightened energy beings, which exist on the 4th dimension of our Solar System (we, humans, live on a 3rd). Solar Council consists of ascended masters (enlightened humans) and many other ascended species (humans are not the only conscious species on Earth and in the Solar System) like Hathors, for example, who live on 4th dimension of Venus; and many other non-human species who either developed in the Solar System, or had participated in the development of the Solar System. They monitor and support the development of the Sun, the Earth and the other planets and life-forms on them. They are called "solar" because their main anchor point is through our Sun.

Sirian High Council is a group of enlightened energy beings on the 6th dimension. They oversee the progress of the Solar System consciousness, the application of the Universal Laws, the unification of the fractals of the Universal Hologram through the Solar System (and Earth in particular). It consists of many non-human species who are involved with our planet. Sirian High Council is also the governing body for the relations of other worlds with this planet, and for the interaction of humans with other non-Solar System species.

Gaia is a planetary host of Earth, a conscious being that has lived inside our planet for the past 4.6 billion years. All the human rituals of connecting with the planet had been about connecting with Gaia.

Pi is also a planetary host of Earth, a conscious being, different from Gaia, the new "soul" of the Earth since December 2012. We can also look at the energy of Pi as "an enlightened Gaia", it is the next step in the evolution of our planet.

I was guided by the Solar Council and the Sirian High Council to create the pilgrimage to the sites on this planet where the energy turning points take place. I and my business partner Isabelle Lambert lead the spiritual tours to the pivotal points in the earth's development.
There were many prophecies for 2012 ranging from the ''end of the world'' to ''mass ascension'', from some natural disaster to massive planetary change for the better. It is true that 2012 was the ''end year'', but not the end of Earth, or us the humans. It is the year of transformation in the consciousness of the planetary being. When people get caught in catastrophobia, it serves no one. We are the beings of amazing capacity if we only remember who we really are. Year 2012 was not the year of our doom but the year of planetary awakening, and it is up to us how we choose to react to that major change.

Each living form in this material dimension contains an "embodiment intelligence", or the Soul, and for the last 4.6 billion years, our Planet Earth has been occupied by the intelligent being known as Gaia. She has set the tone of experience for growth and evolution, and all life forms partake of her design and sovereignty. We humans are individuals, but we are also contained within Gaia's environment.

Gaia has been experiencing her journey on three paths:
  • Motherhood, which is about strong nurturance;
  • Victimhood, which is about learning true power;
  • Compassion, which is about truly opening the heart to all of life.
One of the greatest and most profound changes for the Earth occurred on December 21, 2012, when Gaia let go of her tenure here, and the new being known as Pi entered the planet. From this point on, Earth is Pi's planet, although for the next sixty years Gaia's influence will still be available. This is designed to soften and redistribute the shock of change. It gives us time, as a species, to adjust. Perhaps the time of severe unrest is upon us, but have no fear - we are awakening and transforming as a species - just look at the children coming into existence lately :)

Pi, the new planetary host, requires more of us. We are leaving the age of time when we have been spiritual children and entering the time of spiritual adulthood. This is why 2012 was the ''end year" - the end of childhood for the human race, the end of linear, material perception as the only reality. As we gain new responsibility, aligning with Pi's presence, we also gain new freedom and consciousness.

Pi's energy is about dynamic aliveness, and in order to fully use this, each of us MUST become a unique Self. With the foundation of Spirit and the uniqueness of Self/Soul we can truly create with Pi.

Pi's signature is based on three paths:
  • Engaging Life, which is about being present and open, participating and receiving;
  • The Self is about unique identity and personal truth, which assumes that we are worthy and enough;
  • Pleasure is about the fulfillment available in any moment,rather than accomplishment-based satisfaction.
In order to make the arrival of Pi more harmonious, the Solar Council decided to implement yearly infusions of Pi's energy into the planetary body, leading to the anchoring of Pi in 2012. After 2012 Pi's presence will still require main "adjustment points", replacing the "infusion sites".
Energy infusions are homeopathic doses of Pi's essence;
energy adjustments are the "planetary program upgrades" -
both delivered through one of the planet’s vortexes,
and then into the entire planetary grid system.
Energy vortex is similar to a chakra in our energy field - it is an entry and exit point, the pathway for the consciousness to travel on. Each major vortex on the planet has a particular consciousness associated with it and this is the reason why certain vortexes are chosen for the infusions and adjustments.
In 2008, on October 25, the first main Pi infusion occurred at theGiza plateau in Egypt, because Giza's vortex is connected to the energy of "clarity of personal vision". It is the ''third eye'' of the planet. When Pi's energy went into the Giza vortex, more people on Earth began to see themselves as individuals.
In 2009, on September 25, the second infusion arrived into the two-headed vortex of Stonehenge/Woodhenge in England because the London area grids are the seat of patriarchal control systems on Earth. That particular Pi infusion was about reclaiming the personal power that was given away to outer authority. The Patriarchal program is a disease. It is an overly electric, accomplishment-based, scarcity-oriented, tyrant/slave way of life, which we have lived in for more than 12 thousand years. Also in 2009, on September 28th, only a few days after the major Pi infusion, a smaller infusion of Pi's energy arrived into the Kenmare Stone Circle in Ireland. That location was chosen to support recombination of the Soul consciousness of Earth (a direct result of letting go of patriarchal control programming), so that the children of Earth could have access to more consciousness and health.
In 2010, on November 11, a smaller infusion added Pi's essence intoEgypt, in the Abu Simbel's female vortex (honored by the Temple to Nefertari, Ramsess II' beloved queen). It further anchored the personal inner authority of each individual on Earth. Without personal authority we cannot achieve master of Divine Mind and Heart, which is a prerequisite for awakening into the higher consciousness of a more harmonious state of being. Abu Simbel prepared the planet for the lager infusion of Pi's energy just a few days later, on November 20th, in Jordan, at the ancient city of Petra. Petra contains an energetic Orb of Light, which is filled with the energy of harmony. It holds the blueprint of an Open Heart at Peace. Pi's infusion at Petra amplified the heart opening, forgiveness and peace of Earth.
The 2011 infusion occurred on November 16th on Easter Island. This island is an energy portal, a large planetary vortex. It represents the energy of Connectedness. Pi’s infusion into this vortex opens not only the internal communication (of body organs, of emotions and thoughts, of beliefs etc.,) but also enhances the feeling of belonging, and support for each person. Pi anchored in Easter Island to help us “feel at home” on Earth, attaining true direction and the pleasure of being supported.
The 2012 Pi's infusion occurred in October in Erg Chebbi desert, in Morocco. It was a preparation for the healthy internal balance state of Self, while in alignment with Spirit/Source. We are moving from the involution/descension phase of experience in form, to the time of evolution/ascension, as the combination of Spirit in Matter is Coming of Age.
In 2013 Pi is planning to upgrade her "inner relationship" programs - this will help humans not only see more clearly the issues/imbalances in their relationships with each other, but also notice more the internal imbalance of power between the inner male and inner female sides of each person. This upgrade is scheduled to occur in the South of France in September.

If we apply personal effort, we now have more access to the higher aspects of ourselves, we attain more understanding of why we incarnate in form, and what challenges and struggles are really about. We grow in gratitude for Spirit/Source.

In the planetary programming (the support systems for our development) the healthy electric polarity arrived onto the throne of prominence (became available to the ones who are searching), joined equally by the healthy magnetic polarity - the King and Queen of our internal and planetary kingdom. For a long time, the toxic electric "king" has ruled the world through competition, arrogance, war, violence and judgment, both internally and planetary-wide, with his toxic magnetic "queen," represented by scarcity, manipulation, victimhood, apathy and the "do it for me" attitude, by his side.
This toxic situation was created through the "grinder" of humans attempting to individuate, and was supported by Gaia. Pi is assuming our "grown up" status, and so she is expecting us to stand in a healthy internal relationship. This means that people who are ready for this upgrade are going to fully step into the healthy balance, while the resistance of the ones, who are not yet ready, will be magnified until they face their issues.
The healthy electric King is all about support, patience, cooperative strategies and responsibility, and his healthy magnetic Queen is the presence of love, connectedness, wisdom and pleasure. Together these energies will change our internal and external worlds. The dynamic interplay of these two healthy and complimentary opposites will generate inspiration and passion for our awakening.
We create spiritual/educational tours to the geographical locations where Pi's energy adjustments (planetary upgrades) occur. To be present at the physical location at the time of an adjustment is a unique opportunity to experience the energies first hand and to provide help to the Solar Council, and for your own inner journey. It is about being chosen for the task and hearing the call, claiming your power and standing in the authority of You to facilitate beneficial changes on Earth by personal example.

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