After having taught spiritual awakening and transcension process in the USA and other countries for over 20 years in person, I've moved to the online format.

At this time I teach one LIVE e-course per year (usually in March-May) called Sleeping for Enlightenment. 

Sleeping for Enlightenment 2018 is coming up! 
It will run: 3/19/18 - 5/14/18
The REGISTRATION dates are: 3/5/18 - 3/10/18

Sleeping for Enlightenment is an 8-week course, consisting of a series of energy downloads, lots of homework to practice, meditations, Facebook group sharing, and much more. It is designed to clear your system so that you can integrate multidimensional Transcension Templates  - while you sleep! During the e-course weeks, you will be sensing into the energy nightly, working through your own blocks daily, and sharing it all with your classmates in your spare time :)

To inquire about Sleeping for Enlightenment, please use the request form on the right sidebar of my website

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