Without self-love we all tend to easily fall into pits of karmic patterns like judgment, unworthiness, fears, even self-hatred. In this Challenge I will show you how to love yourself better, recognize self-sabotaging patterns, let go of judgments and REMAIN self-loving all day long!

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Start loving yourself better today!

You want to feel CONNECTED to the Universal Love Resonance. But you do not know how to do this, and your habitual negative thought patterns often get in the way. You want to experience the God Source Love Resonance in your energy system but when you attempt to meditate, you get stuck in your lower emotions and fears. When you endeavor to be kind and loving towards yourself, you “fall off the wagon” at that first negative trigger… Sounds familiar?

This is because your energy field receives commands from your fears and issues, negative emotions and thoughts – instead of the Universal energies.

Follow the voice guiding you through the steps of connecting to the Universal Love Resonance, clearing your sabotaging self-love patterns, and upgrading your “lovability”! 

The recordings are energy-coded – they are imprinted with the energy that I am guiding you through. It is like being submerged in the Universal Love Resonance as you are learning how to hold that type of charge in your own energy field.

Eugenia Oganova is a Transcension mentor and the founder of the TRANSCENSION GATE – a multidimensional hub and an educational portal that acts as a catalyst for planetary ascension. 

Inside TRANSCENSION GATE MEMBERSHIP you awaken your consciousness through walking the Transcension Spiral Path, receive monthly mentorings, meditations, and ongoing support from Eugenia, the Solar Council, and the multidimensional Kadishtu Guardians. 

You gain access to specific detailed information about the process of biological ascension, about universal consciousness origins, ET's involvement with this planet, genealogies of Star Beings, and also about your own steps to take to arrive at the state of EMPOWERED SELF-MASTERY.